Agreeable Weighted Blanket for Adult and Kids 20lbs 60x80inch


Science has proved that people can get a full rest by guaranteeing eight hours’sleep every day.

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  • 【Comfortable Experience】 The quilt is made of soft crystal velvet, and filled with 99% high-density prototype granular glass beads. The fabric is silky like milk, soft and delicate, and it is quite breathable and comfortable to cover the body. It’s 100% cotton fabric provides you with exceptionally comfortable sleeping experience. Weighted blanket brings you both feeling and aesthetic experience. The combination of soft fine fibers and weight sensation give you different but comfortable sleeping
  • 【Non-toxic and harmless】 Using digital printing and dyeing, the reactive gene of the dye and the fiber molecule combine, makes the dye and the fiber become a whole, without adding any harmful substances added to the human body, and no irritation to the skin. We reject formaldehyde and PH value. Environmental health is achieved indeed, without any stimulation.
  • 【Design Advantage】 Adult style adopts pure color pattern, which conforms to the simple style; Children style adopts cute and witty yellow ice-cream pattern on one side, and diamond pattern on the other side, which satisfies children’s yearning for childlike innocence. The diamond design makes the lattice more compact, firms the granular glass beads and appears more aesthetic at the same time. Eight pull rings with fixed pull rings on the four sides of the inner gallbladder are ingeniously desig
  • 【Details determine quality】With warp knitting technology, all wool yarns are knitted into loops. The yarns are evenly distributed among them, making the whole blanket fluffy, and the density of fluffy is even. After washing, the size and fluffy are almost unchanged. Quilt cover: low-key blue, simple atmosphere, restrained and not publicized. Inner gallbladder: Blue temperament, quiet and elegant, making people feel calm, and return to nature. It meets your more needs.
  • 【Easy to clean】 Cleaning is very convenient. Opening the outer zipper, you can easily clean the quilt cover. The quilt cover and inner liner can be used separately, but we would recommend that you use the two together. The detachable quilt cover is easier to clean. If you have any problem, please feel free to contact us, we will try our best to help you.