Bene casa Manual Meat Grinder BC-24194


The Bene Casa cast  manual meat grinder is simple to use and highly effective. With its high-grade cutting discs, it is suitable from any type of meat, while the 6.25 by 4.25 by 10.5-inch size makes for easy storage when not in use.

Constructed from industrial grade cast iron for strength and stability, the meat grinder has an in-built clamp with surface protection for quick set up and safety in use. The quality blades and ergonomic wooden handle ensure it is easy to use on any meat variety, producing fine ground meat for your cooking.

90 Days Warranty 

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With durable construction and easy assembly, it is ready to go whenever you want, providing an economical solution for ground meat in your home. Order your bene casa meat grinder today, and then start saving on ground meat as soon as it arrives. Perfect for any kitchen, the Bene Casa meat grinder is built to last and gets great results with any meat.