EDX by Endurance 10′ Adjustable Fitness Jump Rope EBE-JMP-BLK


Add a light-impact component to your exercise routine. Great for easy or intense cardio workouts. The contoured foam handles add a comfortable, non-slip grip. The vinyl rope helps prevent tangling and allows for smooth, freestyle jumping. Our jump ropes are one of the easiest ways to incorporate HIIT into your workouts. And you’re not just limited to jumping — check out some of the inventive, fun routines online, and add some creativity to your cardio! Even if you haven’t used a jump rope since your playground days, there’s a rope workout for you.

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  • ADJUSTABLE JUMP ROPE FOR EVERY HEIGHT: When you’ve got 10 feet to work with, you’ve got a speed rope that any guy or gal of any height can use
  • WANT TO GET SHREDDED? Jump rope exercise is the quickest, most effective way to add High Intensity Interval Training to your workout
  • A PLEASURE TO USE: It’s just the right weight to keep a good tempo, and it doesn’t kink or tangle. Foam handles ensure a secure grip. Beginners to boxers – enjoy the tools the pros use
  • ARMS, LEGS AND LUNGS: They all get a workout during a jumping rope session. Your whole body will benefit from this single workout!
  • MAKE LIKE A KID AND GO SKIPPING ROPE: Fitness can be seriously fun — just check out some of the amazing jump rope teams online!