Kenmore 5.2 cu. ft. Energy Star Top Load Washer 110.21652020


  • 5.2 cu. ft. Capacity
  • Agitator w/ Direct Drive Motor
  • Built-In Water Faucet
  • ENERGY STAR® Certified

1-year warranty with the manufacturer

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Laundry day is a snap with the Kenmore 5.2 cu. ft. top-load washer. From a sleek modern design to powerful cleaning technology, this washing machine is perfect for busy families with a ton of laundry to do. Toss in a huge hamper of clothes, a small pile of delicates, or up to 25 towels*—this washer can handle almost any size load with ease.  This washer has a faucet inside the washer which means you don’t need a sink to treat spots and stains before washing, while the Deep Fill option optimizes water levels for larger, bulkier loads.  Tackle laundry with this chic Kenmore 5.2 cu. ft. top load washer and spend the rest of your day doing what you enjoy.

  • 5.2 cu ft – fits extra large loads of laundry
  • Triple Action Agitator – the impeller design ensures optimal cleaning performance with three unique wash actions:
  1. Spraying Action – 9 spray jets attack dirt from every angle with a concentrated detergent mix
  2. Wash Basket Action – moves clothes in a circular pattern.
  3. Agitator Action – wash basket moves back and forth.
  • Built-In Water Faucet – enables you to pre-treat your clothes or add more water to your wash without the need for a laundry room sink
  • Dispenser Drawer – load detergent and fabric softener to the dispenser drawer at the beginning of the cycle and this convenient dispensing system will add each at just the right time in the cycle
  • Direct Drive Motor – the direct drive motor provides spin speeds up to 850 RPM to remove more moisture from clothes so they spend less time in the dryer.
  • ENERGY STAR® Certified – exceeds government standards to help conserve natural resources and save money on your utility bills
  • Deep Fill – the convenience of multiple deep fill options at your fingertips
  • LCD Screen With Capacitive Touch Controls – use the light-touch controls to select the load and cycle options that match the fabric types in each load. Plus, LCD Screen provides time remaining and cycle status information. 
  • Gentle Close, Edge to Edge Glass Lid – tempered glass lid won’t slam shut thanks to hinges that allow the lid to close gently and quietly. Plus, the edge-to-edge design makes it easy to see the washer in action