Norpole 280 lbs Commercial Ice Maker NPCIM280


For efficient production of ice, the Norpole 280 lbs. Commercial Ice Machine gets the job done. It can be installed as a free-standing unit or placed underneath a counter. It is a perfect addition to any business, commercial application. It can product up to 280 lbs. daily and its bin can hold up to 80 lbs. of clear, filtered ice. It features an air-cooled condenser with a removable filter. It allows you to choose thickness of the ice. Commercial Ice maker has an automatic shut off when bin is full. It is easy to clean and maintain.

1-year manufacturer warranty

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Makes up to 280 lb. of ice cubes every 24 hours for a steady supply of ice. Large-capacity bin stores up to 80 lbs. of fresh, clear ice cubes. Full-bin stop ensures ice production stops when the bin is full, preventing overflow. Makes crystal-clear half-size ice cubes with adjustable thickness. Automatic ice making and error-detecting control system for easy operation.
Proper floor drainage must be provided near the installation location of the ice machine. Inline water filter is included for producing cleaner ice. Commercial ice maker is freestanding or can be placed under a counter.
You may select different thicknesses of half size cubes. Easy clean function for easy maintenance. 
Adjustable legs for steady placement on floor (must be strong enough to support weight of ice machine when filled with ice.
Ice scoop is included.