Pioneer GM-A6704 4-Channel Bridgeable Amplifier with Bass Boost


Why put an amplifier in your car? Pioneer’s GM-A6704 4-channel amplifier will greatly improve the sound quality in your vehicle, so you’ll find yourself looking forward to your time on the road. This punchy Pioneer will power your front and rear speakers with 60 watts RMS each, which is a large jump over the power supplied by a typical car radio. You’ll hear much more of the little details in your music, especially when you turn your system up to overcome road noise.

90 Days Warranty

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4-channel versatility

Here’s why lots of people start building their systems with a 4-channel amp. You can run your front speakers with the front channels (A) on this Pioneer, then combine the rear channels (B) to drive a subwoofer. Then, when you’ve got enough cash to buy a second sub and a dedicated amp for your bass, you can use your 4-channel to run all your speakers. You can also put this versatile amp into 2-channel mode to send up to 190 watts RMS each to a couple of component speakers or subwoofers.

Practical features

The front channels sport variable high-and low-pass filters so you can better adjust the sound for critical front soundstaging or a finely-tuned bass. Switchable high- and low-pass filters on the rear channels help take the rumble away from full-range speakers or the sizzle away from a sub. A bass boost adds extra kick, if you want it. Speaker-level inputs allow you to add the GM-A6704 to a factory system. If your vehicle needs a sonic upgrade, this amp’s performance features and reasonable price make it a great choice.