225,000-BTU Portable Propane 3 Burner Gas Cooker OP70807


This is a sturdy triple stove cooker that can meet all your needs with high-performance stoves.

The burner is made of cast iron, height adjusted to meet your different needs. The powder coating makes it waterproof and anti-rust, allowing for immediate use without the headache of a complex setup. The burner can boil water and cook your food whether you’re tailgating at the football stadium or camping with the family. What’s more, the burner with detachable legs makes it smaller for convenient transportation and storage.

1-Year Warranty Manufacturer

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Detachable Legs: This item has detachable legs that can make it smaller for convenient transportation and storage.
● Safety: This Triple Burner’s regulator ensures a safe cooking experience by monitoring the propane gas flow and disallowing further leakage when internal or external issues are detected.

Finish Black

Product typeTriple burner

Material Cast iron

dimensions 34″ x 18″ x 30″(L x W x H)

weight 33.5 lbs

Hose dimensions 0.5″ x 51″

Max 250 Psig