4 Pieces Outdoor Cantilever Offset Patio Umbrella Base NP10620


 High Quality Material: Made of all HDPE material, the weighted umbrella base is weather-proof to adapt to kinds of outdoor weather conditions. Moreover, the premium material is crack-resistant and not easily deformed for long lifespan.

4 Piece Base Weight Set: Equipped with four-piece removable fan-shaped umbrella base weights plates, the cross base (not included) of your cantilever umbrella can be better stabilized. Besides, they could be easily stacked to save space when not in use.

1-year manufacturer warranty

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Fillable Heavy Base: Each plate can be filled with 3 gal water or 4.4 gal sand to add weight of the base to add the weight of base. Therefore, this offset umbrella base will offer strong support for your offset hanging umbrella to resist wind–resistance.

Easy to Fill Spout: Built-in spouts make it easy to fill or empty the heavy umbrella base simply by unscrewing the umbrella cover. Besides, the spot and screw cap will form a sealed environment to prevent water leakage during use.

Portable and Lightweight Design: Before filled with weighted items, each plate only weighs 3.5 lbs, allowing you carry them with ease. Besides, the 4pcs umbrella base comes with handle to help you transport it to garden, yard, poolside effortlessly.