Abit Comfort Mattress cover, Quilted fitted mattress pad queen fits up to 20″ deep hypoallergenic comfortable soft white cotton-poly B00WROQYXE

Did you try a Mattress pad in the past but were disappointed when it came to fitting the pad on the mattress, especially washing the mattress pad or even in terms of its cushioning ability? Well, not anymore! ABIT COMFORT brings to you a Mattress Pad that is a single solution to all your problems and you will love it for the many benefits.

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Provides an extra layer for spills and leaks to pass through before reaching the mattress ✔ Protection of the mattress helps extend the life of your mattress SUPERIOR MATERIAL AND FILL ✔ Both sides Made of woven fabric, top with high cotton content ✔ Extra comfortable Mattress Pad Top is made up of 50% Soft cotton and 50% poly ✔ Quilted top with hypoallergenic poly fill for sensitive skin ✔ Hypoallergenic poly fill no allergic reaction like sniffles, itching eyes and congestion EASY TO WASH AND MAINTAIN Safe to wash and dry at high temperature (absolutely essential for your family’s health and hygiene) unlike other mattress pads that have one side made up of nonwoven material, which makes them vulnerable to melting and thus easily falling apart.