Bella Ciao 15-PC Full Body Skin Care Set | Facial Skin BEL-BL406PC


Sponge and buff from head to toe without the repetitive, manual motion that can strain your hands and arms. Bella Ciao’s Full Body Skin Care Sets & Kits comes with an arsenal of smoothing, cleansing, and exfoliating discs you simply attach to the powered handle and let the motor do the heavy lifting. This is all-in-one, deep cleansing that will shrink pores while improving circulation.

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One of our signature additions is the rolling massager head that will go to work on tense areas while reducing unsightly puffiness. Looking good is literally feeling good. The BL406 will make short work of troublesome calluses with buffers and exfoliators of variable grit levels. If that weren’t enough, you can rely on this Bella Ciao tool to supply powerful, painless care for hands, feet, and nails. The skin care kit attachments give unparalleled skin renewal with very practical applications. Use the makeup and latex sponges to apply lotion and makeup at your convenience. The soft facial brush will remove flaky surface skin and leave you feeling as fresh as a spring morning. Get ready for the Good Life. Get ready for Bella Ciao.