Bene Casa 11-inch square, nonstick, aluminum griddle, dishwasher safe BC-72014

The Bene Casa 11-inch square aluminum griddle provides a generously sized nonstick cooking surface perfect for searing, frying and grilling. Suitable for use on most stovetop burners, it features a sturdy comfortable handle with hanging hook for easy storage even in the smaller kitchen.

90 Days Warranty 

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The flat cooking surface has a long-lasting nonstick coating, avoiding the problem of food sticking to the griddle, and reducing the need for additional oil or fat when frying. This offers a healthier way to cook your favorite foods while locking in the taste you love. The aluminum construction is a great heat conductor, ensuring there are no cold spots on the griddle, with fast, even cooking throughout.
The large cooking surface is easy to clean too, and itis dishwasher safe for no-hassle cleanup after use. Lightweight but sturdy, it is easy to handle, offering a quality cooking tool that delivers excellent results. Get your Bene Casa aluminum griddle today for healthier, faster cooking of your favorite meals. From searing to grilling to frying, it is the easy to live with choice for your kitchen.