Bene Casa Double 6 Domino set w/ storage pouch, handcrafted, white dominoes BC-17810


The Bene Casa handcrafted domino set features 28 gloss white dominoes with black spots for excellent visibility during game time. Presented in a smart PVC case in a choice of red, black, green or blue colors, at just 7.75-inches by 4.75-inches it is compact and easy to store in any home. Each beautifully made domino features a smart brass spinner at its center, making mixing and playing easier for an enjoyable gaming experience.

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Dominos is a great game that is fun for family and friends, providing an easy to play, enjoyable experience whenever you need. With the smart PVC pouch included, this set is also great for travel, whether out camping or anywhere you please, you always have a game ready to play. Order your quality, handcrafted Bene Casa dominos set today, this 28-pice set has everything you need to play this great game with friends and family wherever you are.

  • Handcrafted gloss white dominoes with black spots for easy visibility and smooth feel
  • Brass spinner in the center of each domino for easier mixing and movement during gameplay
  • 28 tiles included in each set for a fun game with family and friends whenever you want
  • PVC pouch keeps your dominos safe, with a choice of red, blue, green or black color