Bene Casa White Easy Rice Cooker, 6 Cup (Uncooked)/ 12 Cup (Cooked) BC-12416


This Bene Casa white rice cooker provides a 6-cup capacity of uncooked rice and can cook 2-12 cups of cooked rice, perfect for the whole family! This easy-to-use rice cooker takes the guesswork out of making perfectly fluffy cooked rice consistently cooking rice to perfection. Cooking rice is easy as 1,2,3! Just add rice, water, and one touch button to begin the cooking cycle. There’s no need to worry about boiling water, adjusting the temperature, or even setting a timer. The notification bell lets you know when rice is ready, and it will automatically shift to keep warm once the cook cycle is complete. 

1-Year Warranty Manufacturer

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Cook an entire meal by using the included steamer tray that is ideal for steaming meats, seafood, and vegetables while rice is cooking. Cleanup is easy with a wipe clean glossy white exterior, dishwasher safe removeable rice pot and tempered glass lid. Includes a measuring cup and a rice serving spoon, which are also dishwasher safe! Perfect for white rice, brown rice, grains, soups, jambalaya, chili and so much more! 

  • Perfectly prepares 2 to 6 cups of any variety of cooked rice or grains, whether you are eating alone or with all the family . User-friendly, easy, one-touch operation system that switches to keep warm automatically once cooking cycle is complete to keep warm rice ready whenever you are.     
  • Durable temper glass lid lets you can keep an eye on your rice without having to lift the lid, ensuring optimal cooking conditions.
  • Steam vegetables, fish, and more simultaneously while your rice cooks, making your meal preparation even more efficient. User-friendly, easy one touch button operation with a notification bell when rice is ready.
  • Stain resistant, wipe clean outer housing and dishwasher safe accessories.