Brio Slimline Top-Load Water Dispenser for 3 & 5 Gallon Bottles, Paddle Dispensing, Hot & Cold CLTL320BSL


Add drinkable water, hot or cold, to your home or office with the 300 Series Brio Slimline Top-Load Water Dispenser. A slender 10.8 in. wide, the cooler fits perfectly in any home or office space, while complementing any decor. Conveniently designed for 3- and 5-gallon bottles, the top-loading style allows you to easily keep track of your water usage, so you’re always prepared with a fresh bottle. The non-spill top allows for simple, mess-free installation while providing a tight seal that helps keep your water safe from exterior contamination. 

60 Days Warranty 

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Offering both piping hot and crisply cold water, this convenient cooler has large, button-free dispense paddles that make dispensing clean water simple, quick and sanitary. A safety lock on the hot water requires a two-step process to dispense and automatically relocks when done, giving you peace of mind. It’s also simple for anyone to use with LED lights to alert you when it’s heating and cooling and when it’s ready for you to enjoy.

  • No-contact dispensing: unlike a traditionally designed paddle water cooler, the Brio water dispenser for 5 gal. bottles features innovative open-designed dispense paddles that minimize surface contact with container, significantly reducing the chance of cross-contamination; easy to use, these press-paddles make dispensing water effortless and contact-free
  • Top loading: you’ll know the status of your water at a glance, so you’re always prepared with a fresh bottle and the spill-free collar facilitates mess-free bottle changes while offering a tight seal, minimizing the risk of any contaminants entering your water; uses 3- and 5-gal. bottles (bottle not included)
  • Modern slim design: less than 11 in. wide, this water dispenser fits in just about anywhere, plus its sleek aesthetic adds a modern touch to homes and offices; LED indicator lights show when water is heating and cooling and when it’s ready to be dispensed
  • Hot and cold: dispenses both icy cold and piping hot water, letting you prepare a variety of beverages or refill sports bottles and glasses with just the press of a paddle; hot water lock keeps the whole family safe
  • Easy installation: plug-and-play installation takes just a few minutes with no tools, plumbing hookup or landlord approval required, making this top-loading unit ideal for renters and anyone who wants easy access to hydration in non-plumbed spaces like home offices, RVs and dorm rooms