Conair Foot Bath With Vibration FB3AMP Pedicure Spa Set FB3AMP


The Conair foot Spa and pedicure Spa with soothing foot massage vibration comforts your feet in warm relaxation. The toe-touch control on this foot spa makes it easy to activate massage intensity. The foot massage attachment and vibrating nodes in the foot spa provide extra foot massage action for a more deep, full foot massage. With this foot bath, it’s easy to take care of one of the hardest working parts of your body. 

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The deep reservoir allows you to fully immerse your feet, massaging both the top and bottom of your feet. Whether you want to soak in cool, warm, or hot water, this foot spa is specially designed to maintain the temperature you choose. The textured bottom massages feet as you soak, and the vibrating foot massaging nodes add more massage intensity for a deep penetrating foot spa massage. With the Conair foot spa and pedicure Spa with soothing Vibration massage, your feet will always be ready for rest and relaxation. A restful foot bath can provide well-earned stress relief with pampering and rejuvenating properties. This pedicure foot spa gives you a true, home spa experience.
Relax at home with the Conair foot Spa with Soothing Vibration massage.
Deep pedicure spa basin to fully immerse your feet for full relaxation.
Easy toe-touch control for foot massage vibration.
Foot spa massage attachment and splash guard nodes for extra-deep, full foot massage.
Removable rollers so you control foot massage intensity.