Cook305 TweeZpoon+ / Dual tool Tweezer & Spoon – For Chefs, Bartenders K3-TZ100


  • Slim design, this tweezers are ideal for plating or handling subtle food or other items. From picking dill and fennel to food, or other squeeze bottles need accurate daily work.
  • Chef tweezers will be fully accurate to achieve the most accurate,to seize the small items, to maintain a better job.
  • Tweezers serrated skills can safely grab some things without slipping. Use a comfortable handle, tweezers to protect your movements.

90 Days Warranty 

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  • These steel Kitchen Tweezer food tongs are strong enough for getting to those fish bones. This a key kitchen gadget. Also can be used for crafts and fun. And yes, it is a cute kitchen utensil.
  • A practical Dual tool designed and build by and for professionals in the culinary industry such as: Chef, Bartenders and fans.

Material: Steel
Product Size: 9 in
Color: Silver
Packing: 1 Tweezers + 1 Teaspoon

Cook305 is the idea of some friends. who are professional chefs and enthusiastic home cooks.