Electrolux 4.5 cu. ft. Stacked Washer and 8.0 cu. ft. Electric Dryer Laundry Tower in Titanium, SmartBoost Premixing, Energy Star ELTE7600AT

Full-size and fully integrated front load electric Electrolux Laundry Tower™ features a stacked design that takes up half the floor space, freeing up the laundry room for extra storage, all with an easy to reach control panel. The washer provides the most effective stain removal with SmartBoost® premixing technology* and the dryer with LuxCare® Dry uses an moisture sensor to prevent over or under-drying.

1-year manufacturer warranty

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Vertical stacked design that gives you back space/ Fully integrated vertical layout takes up half the floor space of a traditional washer/dryer for greater laundry room flexibility, or to fit easily into most closets and other tight spaces. Features a full-sized washer on bottom, a full-sized dryer on the top, and a control panel in the middle for easy access.

The most effective stain-removing washer with SmartBoost/ Unlike other washers, our SmartBoost® technology premixes water and detergent before the cycle begins, maximizing the cleaning power of the detergent, so stains come out and clothing has a longer life.

Get a more precise dry with our LuxCare® Dry System/ Save time and energy and protect items from over- or under-drying with a sensor that detects humidity on the surface so that all your fabrics are treated with precision and care