Hiboy Electric Scooter S2R Plus


  • Powerful Scooter for Adults – The 350W electric brushless hub motor allows for speeds up to 19mph. With long-range battery with a Max travel range of up to 17 miles under specific conditions, and a max load of 220 lbs, which hiboy electric Scooter rivals any scooter on the market.
  • Battery Disassembly Unlock Design – Equipped with Hiboy’s innovative technology, save your time and convenience with 3-Second unlock to replace scooter batteries, which can be brought it to your home or any place where it can be recharged. replaces the battery and gets a double range for a long trip. The regenerative battery helps recycled energy from riding and provides a longer range. (Extra Battery Not Included)
  • Being Safe With Hiboy – Hiboy electric scooter light system with Front Rear light keeping the rider safe in the dark. Meanwhile Hiboy S2 App – Simply connect Hiboy electric scooter’s app to lock your scooter. And double braking system features disc braking and eABS regenerative anti-lock braking to ensure efficient, responsive braking.

1-Year Warranty Manufacturer

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  • Lightweight & Foldable – With a 30.8lbs weight Hiboy S2R electric scooter is easy to fold up and take with you on the go (folded size: 43.30*16.92*18.70 inch, unfolded size: 43.30*16.92*45.27 inch). Easy carry and storage in car trunks and beneath subway seats, and other compact spaces.
  • Quality Warranty – The innovative quick-removable battery design makes S2R the most durable and practical electric scooter. 6-month warranty for the hiboy electric scooter. The longest range of city commuting e scooter. Great for city commuting.
  • Hiboy Smart Technology: Easy to install, please refer to page 4 step 2 of the user manual to connect the wire on the inside of the handlebar to the wire that is on the inside of the stem. Bigger and smarter LED display shows speed, battery life, riding mode, lights, and cruise control. Simply pair Hiboy electric scooters with your smartphone and use the app.