LG Refrigerator Top Freezer Moist Balance Crisper Smart Inverter GU21WPP


Water dispenser – With LG’s slim dispenser, you’ll have easy access to cold water while saving energy.
Moist Balance Crisper™- The Moist Balance Crisper™ can achieve an optimum level of humidity in the crisper for fruits and vegetables, thus keeping them fresh longer.
LG’s Smart Inverter Compressor is an energy expert, adjusting the cooling power based on the amounts of food stored and the temperature inside and outside the refrigerator.
Large Capacity.
Thanks to insulation technology, LG has more space available to use, with the same exterior size. Now you can store more food and enjoy it with your LG refrigerator.

1-year manufacturer warranty

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The extended vegetable drawer provides approximately 15.9Lt. storage. Thanks to its large sSemi Auto Defrost.
You just have to press a button and the defrost will start! After 2 hours, you will find your fridge clean. It is very easy to remove the ice from the insideize, it can save you trips to the supermarket.
Tempered glass trays-Tempered glass trays are strong enough to withstand heavy items up to 150Kg.