MIVONDA Lighted Makeup Vanity Hollywood Mirror with 3 Color Lights B095388RLF

Mivonda’s vanity mirror is with light bulbs, let every corner of the makeup, even the details on the 10X magnified mirror can be lit up brightly. It works as bright as your another table lamp on dressing table, who provides ultra bright light for makeup and routine personal care.

90 Days Warranty 

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Correct lighting modes is good for applying make-up. Tap the “M” switch of this makeup vanity mirror can switch them:

  • DAYLIGHT Mode: simulates office white light that is good for doing office ELITE makeup
  • NEUTRAL WHITE Mode: simulates sunshine which is nice for doing OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES makeup
  • WARM WHITE Mode: color temperature 4500K~4500K, simulates party light for doing ROMANTIC DATING makeup, PARTY QUEEN makeup, etc.