Ovente Electric Double Wall Insulated Stainless Steel Milk FrotherB07MM39681


However, do you know that baristas place the same importance on the milk froths they put on top of every cup of coffee? That luxurious layer of microbubbles, sitting lightly on top of your drink, simply makes every coffee, tea, matcha lattes, and hot cocoa taste extra magical. Good thing milk froths are a luxury we can all afford!

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  • Heating and Frothing Tool in One – The Ovente Deluxe Milk Frother comes with two whisks for heating and frothing milk. With this you can heat and spice up regular beverages and turn them into unique creamy creations from early morning espressos to late-night hot cocoas.
  • Keep Your Beverages Temperature Locked – Features a double-wall stainless steel interior that ensures the milk stays hot or warm inside for hours while the exterior remains always cool to touch.