Pipeman’s 1800 Watt Refrigerator/Appliance Voltage Protector PROTECTX-RF


Protect your appliances from surges in high voltage. Whether there is a power outage, unstable power supply, or other electrical incidents, this will protect your appliances from short-circuiting. This device has a 4-minute safety cycle to make sure voltage levels are stable before directing power to your appliance. This is great for most appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, etc. In extreme circumstances with ultra-high voltage, this device will self-destruct in order to preserve your appliance.

1-Year Warranty Manufacturer

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  • 1800 Watt Capacity
  • 4 Minute Safety Cycle
  • 3 Mode LED Indicator
  • Detachable Ground pin
  • Works on all Types of Domestic Refrigerators