The Premium 9.5 cu. ft. curved glass top chest freezer is perfect whether in your home or business. Use it in your home to easily see and organize your frozen food. Use it in your business to attractively display your merchandise. The convenient sliding glass doors with arc shaped handles make loading and unloading your freezer efficient, smooth and easy. The see-thru glass top allows you to quickly see what’s inside so you don’t have to leave the freezer open for long periods which helps to keep the inside temperature consistent. No more trying to hold open a lift-top lid with one hand while searching for that pound of hamburger that fell all the way to the bottom with the other hand. 

1 Year Warranty with the Manufacturer

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The 4 wire removable baskets help to keep your frozen food items organized and within easy reach. Store smaller items in the baskets and larger items underneath. Or go ahead and customize your freezer by removing all or some of the baskets if you prefer to store large items such as whole turkeys or roasts. This freezer is also equipped with a lock and key so you can be confident that nothing is removed without your permission.

  • This 9.5 cu. ft. freezer has the capacity to store all the frozen food your need
  • 4 storage bins allows for a nice organized separation of your food
  • The curved glass lid design will look great in your store or home
  • The wide arc-shaped handles allow for easy access to your food
  • Thermostat knob located on the back of the unit so no one can change the settings without you knowing
  • Quiet operation will not interfere with your day to day operations
  • Low energy consumption allows for cost saving measures
  • With the key lock you can keep your frozen food safe