Royal Gourmet Plastic 17.7-in Griddle Scraper TB1707


Eliminate food debris from the grill easily with Royal Gourmet® TB1707 grill cleaning brush and scraper. Featuring intense cleaning power by effortless handle and dense wire bristles, this grill cleaning brush combined with strong scraper removes buildup in no time and helps tackle tough burnt-on food with ease. It is time to throw out your old grill cleaning brush! Our grill cleaning brush is definitely the best BBQ-aid for your troubling cleaning job. Get rid of worries about bristles falling out and clean all types of grills in a healthy and safe way!

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  • Outstanding durability: the grill cleaning brush and scraper adopts high-quality and rust-proof stainless steel for long-lasting use, it will never deform or bend even after frequent use

  • Thorough cleanup: the dense wire bristles and strong scraper with 2 grooves for round grates help to cut through hard-to-clean smudges and grime in seconds without any scratches or damages left

  • Heat resistance: the 17-inch-long handle prevents your hands from getting burnt over the scorching grates and it is perfect for hard-to-reach places

  • Excellent fitness: fits for any type of grills such as weber, char-broil and stranger,and compatible for different cooking surfaces like porcelain, ceramic, cast iron and stainless steel

  • Easy storage: includes a stainless steel hanging hook on the top for easy storage