Silicone Toilet Brush, TPR Soft Material and seat Set, Floor or Wall Bracket B097ZL47ZC

TPR Material – This silicone toilet brush is made of soft and elastic TPR material to ensure a gentle and effective cleaning experience. It can easily remove dirt and stains without scratching the toilet enamel and make your toilet safe.
Comfortable Grip Extension Arm Design: The extension arm design of this bathroom toilet brush provides a comfortable grip to ensure your hands are clean when cleaning the toilet. The long handle can easily handle all areas of the bowl, making your daily cleanup a breeze.

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Detachable Base: This portable toilet brush is equipped with a special base design, which is detachable and well ventilated, allowing the brush to dry quickly and grow quickly. Using this innovative feature to keep the bathroom clean and hygienic.
Multiple Installation Options: This silicone toilet brush set provides flexible installation options. You can easily install it on the wall with the attached seamless adhesive, or put it on the floor as a separate brush, so you can easily choose the option that suits your bathroom design and preferences.
Complete and effective cleaning: This household toilet brush and soft silicone rubber on the brush seat are specially designed to thoroughly clean difficult-to-clean slots. It can effectively remove stubborn stains, make your toilet spotless, and provide a clean and hygienic bathroom environment