Wahl Massager, Hot-Cold Therapy, Hand Held & Corded, Low & High Vibrations Up To 3,600 Pulses Per Minute 4295-400


This handheld massager uses hot and cold therapy to help increase blood circulation, relieve muscle pain and joint swelling. The ergonomic design lets you get to easy and hard-to-reach places like your mid and lower back. Regular massages can help you feel more relaxed, comfortable and closer to pain-free.

60 Days Warranty 

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  • Great for: massaging to help poor circulation, general pain relief and to speed up fitness recovery 
  • Attachments for hot or cold massage therapy
  • Speed dial to adjust intensity makes this massager ideal for the whole body
  • Intensity goes up to 3,600 pulses per minute
  • 9-foot cord allows you to sit or stand comfortably away from outlet to use