Whirlpool Washer 1CWTW4705GW EXPT 27″

Tackle your dirtiest laundry loads with this Whirlpool top load washing machine. The traditional dual action spiral agitator creates the wash action your clothing needs for a superior clean. Included are both bleach and fabric softener dispensers. Available with the washer are multiple temperature and load sizes.

1-year manufacturer warranty 

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Xpert System: Intelligent system, with expert cycles, so that your white and colored clothes always look like new.

XL System: Tub and agitator movements for greater cleaning power and care with garments.

White Porcelain Tub: This wash basket is designed with smooth porcelain to help prevent even clothes from snagging.

Whirlpool 16 Kg top load washer basket has a smooth to help clothes from snagging. Smart system with expert cyles so that white and colored closes always look new. Tub and agitator movement with greater cleaning power and care of garments.  Porcelain tub does not keep odors, does not stain nor does it chip. Comes with 4 Manual Cycles, 7 Automatic Cycles and Single Action Agitator.