WOW Sports Big Bubba 1 or 2 Persons Inflatable Towable Tube for Boating B01MG754YN

The Ultimate Boat Tube – The Bubba couch-style boat tubes and towables are crafted for the ultimate water fun! The flat base of the tube contributes to the smooth ride over the water and minimal drag on the boat. Towable Tubes for Boating with Secure Deck Setting – The secure deck setting on the Bubba towable tube comes with a super-high backrest with sidewalls to protect your kids and give them a feeling of safety while on the towable tube.

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Tubes for Boating – This water tube for boats comes with front and back tow points so you can ride laying down, sitting, or kneeling chariot style. As your ride is over, it makes a perfect floating couch to chill and relax at your favorite water body.

Durable Boating Tube – This inflatable tow tube is made from a heavy-duty PVC bladder and nylon cover for extra durability. It has zippered valve covers and speed valves for faster and easier inflation and deflation

Wakeboard Rope – WOW Sports Tow Rope Bobber Towable is designed to enhance the performance of 1 – 4 persons towables. The bullet-shaped aerodynamic tow design has high visibility classic red and green bobber graphics.